Amelia Rosenberg Ceramics
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My artwork is primarily inspired by my Jewish family’s artistic presence in Germany pre-World War II and subsequent creative depletion post Holocaust.  I create with the psychology of reclamation and positive change, and through this work aim to honor historically traumatic events. It is my belief that understanding our ancestry and ourselves more fully allows for truly authentic personal and societal change.  This desire for transformation is a driving force both in my research and in my creative process. My artwork acts as an empathetic understanding of time, as well as a way to appreciate both my lineage and myself more deeply.

I utilize this work as a way to walk the past into the present, and continue to honor the hard work and dedication of those who created before me. Clay is an especially attractive medium because of its impressionable, responsive, strong nature. These are traits that I admire most in the members of my family who fled the Holocaust and rebuilt their lives elsewhere. Additionally, clay remembers each mark and touch just as people can recall their own history; this receptive constitution allows for an accessible narration within each artwork. Each ceramic composition creates space for a memory, idea, or honoring, allowing art and ancestry to walk side by side.  It is my hope that through this artwork I am able to reach beyond grief brought by World War II and turn towards resulting growth and reclamation experienced by those who’ve endured such tragedy.





Clay has a particularly receptive memory and can record each movement and change, just as people can recall their own personal history. This naturally responsive quality allows the opportunity to create a narration within each piece of work that is beyond surface decoration and form. Combining memory with the practice of making has developed into a methodology that reaches beyond the studio. The goal is to create artwork that encourages growth and allows the viewer to step into a transformative ethos.