Kassel Documenta14

I apologize for my absence online, but I've been spending the majority of my time getting inspired, and less of my time writing. I guess this is a lesson in balance! Since my last post I've had many unexpected adventures. I took a detour to Kassel and saw parts of Documenta14 - a huge art exposition that appears in Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany. I spent my time absorbing as much art as possible, and found a good amount of inspiration for when I return to school. The art at Documenta14 captured space in a way that I really admire. Each piece created its own world, and they all worked collectively to create an environment that took the viewer in a new direction of thought. Much of the contemporary art that I'm seeing in Europe has a clear and deliberate message, the artist is driving home an idea that cannot be overlooked. When I return to the states and start making art that relates to my time in Europe, I have confidence in the fact that I can make something bold and thought provoking. Of course there is always room for interpretation, but I think it's nice when the artist leads you in a direction of thought. 

It was nice to have a bit of a break from Wallach related museums /  art to look at some more modern works.  I felt a bit like I was getting stuck in history and needed to be around some fresh air. This was a really nice way to do so, and still keep in touch with the art related aspect of this project. 

Here are a few photos from Documenta14

Amelia Rosenberg