Bad Tolz

Since my last post, I'm feeling much better.  Of course when you're traveling (or living ) there are ups and downs - and what I was feeling is totally natural. Bad Tolz was an exceptionally beautiful town just south of Munich. I chose to visit this town because it was in the records of Julius Wallach as one of the places that he used to go and trade folk art. The town itself was beautiful, as were the people. I found that because of the location in the mountains, there were many people who share similar interests to me (hiking, climbing, rafting, etc...) which was so fun and heartwarming to see. I spent one of my days hiking in the alps, getting a taste for the mountains - and the other day looking at art around town. 


The location was beautiful - just walking around town was its own adventure. I visited the city museum and found items that reminded me of the art and furniture that the Wallach brothers would collect.   I'm becoming more and more inspired each day - the art, landscape, and history of Germany come together in a way that urges people to talk and learn. Each day I'm discovering more and meeting inspiring people. I can only imagine what these cities looked like with the old buildings and culture.  I wasn't expecting people to be as willing to help me with my research as I've experienced - even acouple airbnb hosts have made calls, and helped me connect with people who have valuable information. I guess this project is old news to me, but for those who live here it is exciting - and everyone is wanting to help in whatever way they can. 

Ill post a few photos of the furniture that I saw in Bad Tolz, as well as photos from the city museum in Munich which show the old Wallach house of Folk Art. ( maybe you can see the resemblance ) 

Seeing the furniture in color gave me a better idea of what the House of Folk Art actually looked like - because all I've seen are black and white or sepia photos. I can imagine the museum was full of bright colors and very festive. I've visited two more towns since my trip to Bad Tolz, and will update everyone soon! I've really been surprised with what I've encountered in the last few days. 

Amelia Rosenberg