Munich Visits

Munich kept me very busy - after visiting Ruhmannsfelden I spent time at the city archives, a day in Dachau, and a day with the woman who curated the museum exhibition on the Wallach family in 2011. Each of these visits showed showed me more about the history of the family that I imagined. 

I went into this trip with minimal expectations on what I would find, but left the city with a new perspective. Honestly, I've found these meetings and experiences difficult to write about, because I feel like I need more time to process them. It's challenging for me to experience all of these things on my own and not share it with another person. For now - I'll show more photos. I've also received more books (I sent them home because I cant carry them all in my backpack)

After leaving Munich I was planning on spending time experiencing what Bavaria had to offer, so I could get a glimpse into my family's day to day life. Im in a tiny town called Bad Tolz, This town was in the records of places that the Wallach family used to trade art. It's a beautiful place with colorful buildings, and tall mountains. I went hiking, mostly to clear my head, and ended up one one of the most beautiful trails I've ever seen. For whatever reason I feel totally lost here - I'm struck with feelings of sadness and loneliness - and become upset with myself for feeling these things in such a magical place, but I know that's how travel goes sometimes.  

I have a reservation for an airbnb in the town where the Wallach Family originated - they are supposed to have really wonderful records of the towns history - but today I discovered that the archive is under construction and I won't be able to go there. So now I have to figure out what to do. I'm staying in Heidelberg for a night, and then who knows. I'm meeting my parents on the 3rd - until then my plants are up in the air. I think today is a planning day....  

Amelia Rosenberg