Dublin, Ireland - Berlin, Germany

Intentions (page one of my travel journal)

  • trust your intuition
  • remember it's ok to feel lost - people will help
  • stay curious
  • find out something cool!
  • live freely 
  • do your laundry (you bum)

Fountain in Berlin

And so it begins!!! I left the US on the 13th, and arrived the morning of the 14th in Dublin. In my travels thus far, I've only run into exceptionally kind people. I had a layover in DC, where I met a woman named Hazel, who was also flying to Dublin.  She offered to drive me to my Airbnb with her renal car, and of course I accepted her offer. The 20 min car ride turned into an hour and a half of complete confusion on both of our parts - we aimlessly drove around the city (which was actually wonderful and got me oriented) and laughed about how lost we were.  Eventually we made it to the Airbnb, and parted ways. 

I later took the bus downtown - and another friendly person offered to show me around.  The city was lively, as were the people.  The man giving me the tour drank three bottles of wine as we wound our way though cobblestone streets -  by the end of the tour I think I knew more about where we were going than he did. 

After leaving Dublin I flew to Berlin, where I met my mom - we spent the day meeting with an artist (whom my mom taught in highschool), and walking along what remains of the Berlin Wall. I am already getting excited about what I will discover with my research in Germany.  People here really seem to be interested in what I'm doing, and think that retracing my Great Grandfather's steps sounds like a worthwhile adventure. I have also had a good bit of luck making contact with people that I'll be able to meet later in my trip - who know of the Wallach story, and are willing to talk. I'm looking forward to the next few days in Dresden, as more history and art unfolds. 

SO - here's to learning new things, meeting new people, and having a wonderful start to this wild adventure. 


afterthought - it would be so helpful if I spoke German... 

Amelia Rosenberg